Cathie O'Brien  

  Gestalt: Psychotherapy, Organisational Development, Supervision, Coaching, and Training 


As well as organisational work I offer individual coaching using gestalt principles. Coaching is different from psychotherapy in that the individual is not in crisis or seeking immediate relief from a mental health concern. It offers you the opportunity for personal development and growth. It helps you to become more aware of self, patterns and relational style and identifies blocks to your personal development and growth. Coaching may touch on past experiences that may impact you now, but the emphasis is more on 'what' it impacts now and 'how' that blocks your development now - building awareness and developing resilience.

As a sports women,in my past, playing and coaching indoor volleyball at a national league level, as well as representing England, I also have an interest in working with sports teams and individuals.

Some areas i may help you with:

  • Getting to know yourself
  • Internal conflicts around achieving, success or letting go.
  • Dealing with your demon that holds you back
  • Personal development
  • Surviving teams and competition
  • To achieve or not to achieve - a typical dilemma
  • Developing your presence - working in the zone
  • Personal development in the work place
  • Survival in the work place
  • Relational issues in the work place

My style is relational and I act as a facilitator who develops your awareness. I also confirm your experiences where appropriate enabling a greater sense of self.

My aim is to empower.


I am a BACP Coaching member and senior accredited as a Counsellor and Psychotherapist.

Please see their website regarding coaching