Cathie O'Brien  

  Gestalt Psychotherapy and Organisational Development, Supervision and Training 

 Safeguarding and Mission Statement

 Mission Statement:

HAPTS aims to safeguard adults and young people by helping them to find equilibrium, alleviate emotional pain and distress, enhance their capacity for relationship without fear or alarm and in so doing enabling the person to develop the ability to regulate their nervous system, gain a sense of self/internal home and develop as a whole person, achieving integration.

HAPTS also aims to safeguard individuals by supporting families, carers and professionals to be an emotion-regulating collective. In order to calm the nervous system and prevent alarm in relationship, which could lead to destructive or self-harming behaviours. To be strong in adversity and to develop authentic relationships, allowing the individual to develop psychologically within the context of an interpersonal relationship.   



Cathie O'Brien abides her governing bodies code of ethics and safeguarding procedures, UKCP and BACP. She also follows Hampshire County Councils Child Protection Policy
There are four main categories of abuse: Physical abuse, Sexual abuse, Emotional abuse and Neglect.
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Dealing with Concerns of abuse: If you are concerned that a child is being abused contact Children’s Services during office hours on 0300 555 1384 and out of hours including Weekends and Bank Holidays on 0300 555 1373. For emergencies call 999.

Other Numbers:
NSPCC 0808 800 5000.
Child line 0800 1111

LADO Where there are concerns, suspicions or allegations of abuse, regarding someone who works with children, then contact The Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO) on 01962 876364 or for further information refer to For general concerns about a member of staff, not related to abuse, you should use the complaints procedure for that agency or organisation.

Complaints about HAPTS: Any complaint about Cathie O'Brien or HAPTS needs, ideally and in the first instance, to be made to Cathie O’Brien or to the organisation that is commissioning the work from HAPTS. If you are still dissatisfied you can contact The BACP (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy) or UKCP (UK Council for Psychotherapy)

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation): Cathie O'Brien is GDPR compliant and registered with the ICO.