Cathie O'Brien  

  Gestalt Psychotherapy, OD Consultancy, Supervision, Coaching, and Training 




"Excellent Training - a very fresh approach to the area in which we work and I wish to develop this further." Austen Pearl Fusion Fostering .

"I have worked in Social care for over 20 years. This was amongst the most advanced communication techniques I have come across, presented in a very simple user friendly style." Mesha, Social Worker, Fusion Fostering.             

"Excellent Training would recommend it to all foster carers / IFA." Foster Carer, Fusion Fostering.             

“Cathie’s training sessions enabled the staff to deliver a personalised service thus meeting the needs of the ‘whole’ child and improving life chances." Debbie Collins, Teacher.

“Cathie’s delivered a therapeutic whole service approach and I am in no doubt that this way of working benefits all concerned. It relieves the feelings of anxiety felt by young people who may not have clear direction, boundaries and expectations. Once they understand that decisions and plans are made as a team and that everyone is “singing from the same hymn sheet” it has a profound impact on the young person’s ability to regulate anxiety.  It also helps staff, parents/carers and professionals to reflect on the effects their actions and decisions have on the emotional and physical state of the young people in their care." Tom Strover RCCP (Residential Child Care Practitioner)

"Cathie is a very skilled practitioner and was very effective she played a vital part in helping young people remove barriers and move forward. Cathie also provided clinical supervision to teachers and residential staff, which was invaluable to their health and wellbeing and essential in such a demanding environment.  This was met by staff with great enthusiasm as it allowed them to feel valued and supported.  Cathie always showed a high degree of compassion, understanding and professional ethos and was held in high regard by the staff team. Cathie’s skills were a great addition to the senior management team and contributed greatly to the school delivering an outstanding service." Debbie Collins, Teacher.     

"Cathie provides bespoke support to foster carers. Feedback from foster carer’s has been positive with carers actively exploring their own style of work and in effect reducing egregious behaviours. In addition to this she has been providing group supervision at a social work practitioner level. I have no hesitation in recommending Cathie as a practitioner with experience and competence of a very high standard. My own experience is that of gaining fresh in sight and new perspectives on complex situations." Mesha Banerjee, Social Worker, Fusion Fostering.