Cathie O'Brien  

  Gestalt Psychotherapy and Organisational Development, Supervision and Training 


 A Whole Service/ Systems Approach to Emotion-Regulation  - An Attachment and Trauma Informed Organisational Framework

  • The gestalt process of contact and withdrawal integrated with the process of attachment and separation as a framework.
  • Assessing the rhythm of relationship - a relational gestalt /attachment framework.
  • Working at the 'contact boundary.'
  • Understanding field and systems theory from a trauma perspective.
  • Interventions that create the conditions for safe contact, change and development.
  • The importance of team development, self awareness, self reflection, team differences, team rupture and repair, team safety, team self assessment and team empowerment in relation to working with trauma.
  • Developing awareness of the forces and constraints in this field of work and the impact this can have on team performance, as well as compassion fatigue, secondary trauma's and burn out.
  • Working as a 'we' at an organisational and multi-agency level and the impact on teams, families and service users. 
  • Developing practice based evidence at a whole service/systems level.


A Boundary Model - Working therapeutically with the non-boundaried person - A Gestalt Therapy Approach integrated with Attachment, Trauma and the Neurosciences.

  • Exploring what a boundary is 'between' self and other.
  • How the personality develops.
  • Why some people are left agitated at the boundary between self and other.
  • Putting Attachment and Trauma theory into practice.
  • Putting affect (emotion) regulation into practice - learning to work at the 'contact boundary' and within the 'window of tolerance' with people who have suffered interpersonal trauma.
  • Developing presence and intention at an individual and whole service level.
  • Developing and understanding the importance of creating safety through teamwork, within an organisational setting, when working with interpersonal trauma.


Whole Brain Training - Self, Other and The We -This training can be delivered to Adults and Young People

  • A hands on, fun, experiential and psycho-educational training.
  • Understanding and therefore managing thoughts, feelings and the nervous system.
  • An experiential training looking at self, other and the we (The Whole System).

Please see the leaflet below

Foster Carer's having fun during Brain Training, learning how we adapt in relation to other.



Please download the leaflet above, this is designed for adults and young people.   


 "Excellent Training - a very fresh approach to the area in which we work and I wish to develop this further." Austen Pearl Fusion Fostering 2012 .

"I have worked in Social care for over 20 years. This was amongst the most advanced communication techniques I have come across, presented in a very simple user friendly style." Mesha, Social Worker, Fusion Fostering 2012.             

"Excellent Training would recommend it to all foster carers / IFA." Foster Carer, Fusion Fostering  2012.             

“Cathie’s training sessions enabled the staff to deliver a personalised service thus meeting the needs of the ‘whole’ child and improving life chances." Debbie Collins, Teacher 2011-2013.